The Grupo São Luís

The Grupo São Luís currently has more than 100 employees divided by the five companies in the group. The commitment to quality certification and full customer satisfaction has earned this group several distinctions over the years.

To reach the level of excellence that occupies today, the Grupo São Luís has been betting on the modernization of companies and the development of new projects in more attractive markets, being today fully integrated in Europe and Angola.


The group has five companies that work in the fields of construction, the manufacture of cement artifacts and the sale of construction materials, national and international road haulage and tire retreading and service station. Four of them are headquartered in Portugal and work in the domestic and European markets and a fifth is located in Angola, where the group invested around 7 million euros to implement.


The first steps were taken in construction and telecommunications, by the founder and owner Abel Sousa, but today the Grupo São Luís assures several services in other sectors. The group's performance has already been recognized since 2012 with the PME Líder award and also the distinction of PME Excellence as well as ISO 9001 certification.

A Abel e Mota Transitário was a good business opportunity

Abel e Mota Transitário was created in 2009 with the purpose of giving the São Luís group the possibility of competing with other freight forwarding companies that existed in the country.


With its own facilities in Vermoim, Maia, Abel e Mota Transitário carries out global transportation services and their traffic planning. We are able to offer all kind of service related to the export and import of goods to and from Europe.